Transition & Change

Preparing your leadership as they face transition and change sets them and your organization up for success before, during, and after.

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Ideal for

Mid-career and pre-retirement leaders facing transition or in need of change


On-site or virtual live workshop format with group sessions


Highly customized; typically 2-3 full day immersive sessions


Leaders with refreshed perspective and purposeful plans for the next chapter in their lives and careers


Today’s professional journey is longer and evolving more rapidly than ever before. Yet there are few systems in place that equip leaders to navigate some of the most complex changes they face. This program is for leaders facing a predictable transition or an important pivot in their career path. Derived from our most successful workshop for individuals, LifeForward™, the foundations have been developed and refined over 30 years.

Areas of Focus

Mid-career refresh

Envision the future

To maximize their personal satisfaction and impact on the company, leaders that have spent years in demanding roles need an opportunity to recalibrate, rejuvenate, and reset their perspective on where they’ve been and where they’re going.

Bridge to retirement

Prepare for a new chapter

Firms and organizations with a predictable retirement age target offer our pre-retirement sessions. These introduce frameworks and research on this major transition and engage a variety of tools and exercises to examine how to build a bridge to the next chapter in life.

Major advancement

Support through promotions

To fully support leaders in the process of signification advancement means preparing them for complex changes in the expectations, priorities, and social dynamics they will face in their new position. A purposeful approach to this transition has 360 degree benefits.

Changing landscape

Navigate a new structure

Organizations face many transition scenarios that leaders should approach methodically, such as re-orgs, expansion, mergers, and acquisitions. Leaders prepared for this change can guide themselves and their teams into the next phase.

We have collaborated with Hudson for several years to expertly provide our leaders with an opportunity to step back, ‘press pause’ and think strategically about their future. These programs enable our partners to assess where they are in their career and life, and address how they can recalibrate to ensure they are equipped to optimize their leadership journey ahead. At the conclusion of the programs, participants walk away rejuvenated and with actionable plans that serve them for years to come, benefiting not only themselves but also our firm.

Monique Connor, Partner at PwC

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