Spot Coaching™

A just-in-time approach to developing your people in the moment, when it matters most. Spot Coaching™ can be offered in classroom and virtual formats. It is also available for Train-the-Trainer licensing.

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Ideal for

Emerging and experienced leaders who are ready to improve their management skills.


Available in classroom and virtual formats. Also available for licensing along with a train-the-trainer feature.


Pre-work, 8-hour workshop (live virtual or classroom format), 8 week follow up interactive series, as well as learning tools and resources.


Empowered managers with a coaching mindset and a simple coaching framework, equipped to develop their people.


Our Spot Coaching approach equips managers and leaders with a simple coaching approach that supports just-in-time development of their people.  The approach includes providing feedback, setting a goal, building a short plan and following up to provide support and track impact.

Areas of Focus

Self Assessment

Evaluating one's EQ

To be effective as a coach, leaders need to demonstrate emotional intelligence.

Mindset & Skills

Building a foundation

Knowing when to coach, how to initiate and engage in a coaching conversation.


A structured approach

With the Spot Coaching™ approach leaders learn to engage, build action plans, and sustain impact.


Learning by doing

Hands on experience is the best way to truly integrate coaching skills.

Did you Know


Organizations with strong coaching cultures have 25% more highly engaged employees.

Creating a positive experience for the teams and people in your organization is an important part of today’s work, and in our changing world this requires a new mindset. Leaders need to be equipped to set quality goals, check in regularly, give feedback often in a helpful manner, inspire continuous stretching and learning and nurture and motivate the best in their people.

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We have been utilizing Hudson’s Spot Coaching for Managers program with success for several years. This approach has allowed us to strengthen just-in-time development of our people within short spirts of time.    Instead of taking more time, when our managers and leaders apply the Spot Coaching approach, they empower their people to become more accountable to do their best work in new ways. This program impacts our managers, their teams and ultimately the organization’s ability to develop, retain and empower!

Nicole Bischoff-Jones, Genentech, Hillsboro Learning Solutions

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