Internal Coaching Supervision

Hudson’s Group Supervision is focused on supporting your coaching team’s development in the interest of maximizing their impact and the value of their coaching inside your organization.

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Ideal for

A practicing cadre of internal coaches


90 minute, monthly, web-based, group calls


Monthly calls focused on coaching themes, individual development goals and micro modules of current coaching concepts.


A coaching cadre with increased capacity and renewed energy


The developmental journey of a coach is ever evolving and the depth of capacity is in large measure related to the coach’s commitment to their ongoing development. Our year-long program places a focus on the working relationship between coach, client, and the key stakeholders in the organization, as well as the coach/supervisor and members of the supervision group. As we attend to the multiple layers of the system at play in any coaching engagement, the coach inevitably uncovers parallels and patterns that are difficult to perceive without the support of supervision.

Areas of Focus

Continual Development for the Coach

Deepen individual capacity

The work of the coach is most often done as a solo practitioner so the practice of dedicating a regular time and space to come together with a supervisor and fellow supervisees inevitably allows the coach to reflect upon their work, gain new perspectives and insights, and stay on their own development journey.

Aligning the Group

Consistency is key to a sustainable program

Provide the cadre with opportunities to align standards of practice, working towards the same organizational goals and using the same evaluation tools across the board.

Assessing Systems

Change perspective for greater clarity

As we attend to the multiple layers of the system of coach, client, stakeholders, and coaching supervisor, the coach inevitably uncovers parallels and patterns that are difficult to perceive without the support of supervision.

Supporting Growth

Leveraging coaches to develop each other

The collaborative nature of the group discussion format allows your coaches to support one another and maintain accountability beyond the supervision engagement.

Why Coaching Supervision?

Our CEO and founder, Pam McLean, discusses the value of coaching supervision.

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For the past two years, Hudson has provided our team of experienced internal coaches the opportunity to get together in small groups to reflect, learn and cultivate their knowledge and skills. Our coaches find this “super vision” an invaluable time to renew and refine their work and challenge their learning edges. This service has powerfully impacted our coaches and has positively benefited all they coach.

Janice Smith, Partner at EY

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