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One of the early leaders in the field of coaching, Hudson Institute of Coaching has been providing developmentally based coach training for leaders for more than 30 years. We set the standard for experiential learning programs that lead organizations and people to reach for their best as leaders and human beings in our global world.

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Our History

Hudson's CEO, Pamela McLean, Ph.D., discusses the origins of Hudson Institute of Coaching and its role in the development of the field of coaching.

What We Do

Coaching is what we do at Hudson.  It is our sole focus and commitment to our customers and our community of coaches that we are continually growing and innovating in the field of leadership coaching in order to bring the very best practices to the world.

We work with both coach practitioners and leaders inside organizations. Our services range from an elite Coach Certification Program to providing the complete suite of coaching services inside organizations. Along with providing high-quality training, our dedication to the field of coaching is evidenced by our thought leadership. The Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching (2012) is based on our groundbreaking work and offers insights into the theories and concepts that are revolutionizing the growing field of coaching, and our Self as Coach book was released by Wiley Press in Spring of 2019.

Impacting Companies

Making a Difference

Our Hudson community is a powerful force for good in the coaching arena and in making a difference in our world. We are  a global learning community that extends a hand to one another in work, in play, and in making a difference in the world. These connections take so many forms – like 15 coaches around the globe who have given hundreds of hours to coaching young leaders in One Acre Fund in East Africa; or groups of coaches who have been supporting each others business development for the past several years on a monthly basis; or a coach opening their home to a fellow Hudson Coach they have never met before. Day in and day out our community is a positive force in the world.

Impacting Non-profits

Commitment to Coaching

Hudson is committed to progressing the field of coaching for the benefit of our coaches, partners, and the coaching community at-large.

Hudson wrote one of the earliest books, The Handbook of Coaching in 1999 and launched one of the early coach certification programs in America in the mid 1990’s.  Hudson has also long emphasized the whole leader relative to the work of coaching and wrote The Adult Years and Life Forward with a focus on understanding the whole person over the course of the adult years.

Our CEO, Pamela McLean, equipped with current research and evidence based theories, wrote The Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching in 2013, articulating the essential elements on the journey to mastery as a leadership coach.

Hudson has certified over 1,500 coaches and we provide a broad range of coach services inside global organizations — including short term coaching programs for managers, internal coach training programs for leaders, coach supervision to internal coach cadres and cadres of coaches for senior leaders.

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