Coach Certification Program

Informed by our 30+ years in coaching, Hudson's elite certification program is taught by seminal thinkers in the field and covers the latest concepts, theories, and best practices. Interested leaders must submit an application and attend LifeForward™ with our coaching seminar before enrolling in this program.

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Ideal for

Seasoned leaders interesting in developing the capacity to coach either internally or as an external coach.


Experiential: theoretical presentations, modeling, practice, skill building, role-playing, real-time coaching, and peer group learning.


8 month program: three 4 day in-person sessions; on-going remote interactions, coaching, mentoring and extensive reading. Locations include Santa Barbara and NYC.


A masterful and well-rounded coach with Hudson coach certification and ICF credential eligibility.


Our accredited Coach Certification program provides seasoned professionals with an understanding of the essential elements needed to become a masterful coach. While many coach training programs focus almost exclusively on skill-based competencies, at Hudson we believe that to be successful, the well-rounded coach needs development in four key areas.

Areas of Focus

Self as Coach

Cultivating one’s internal landscape

The most important ‘tool’ you have as a coach is the ‘use of self’. This requires that you be prepared to examine your inner landscape—your own self-development—in order to build the capacity to coach.


The art & science of coaching

Our flexible methodology supports the progression from understanding the context to identifying the coaching goals, and working the inner and outer elements that create sustainable change—and measurable results.

Developmental Perspective

Understanding the 'Whole Person'

At Hudson we believe that to be effective as a coach, you must be able to look at the individual’s developmental pathways through times of transition and change in the context of the developmental journey experienced over a lifetime.

Practice & Integration

The practice of continual development

Throughout the year-long program and beyond, we emphasize the need for practice in conjunction with reflective practices, routine feedback, and coaching supervision, in order to continue to deepen one’s capacity as coach.

Joining Coach Certification Training

We offer courses on both coasts and a new series starts each quarter. Attendees must first take the prerequisites and submit an application. We recommend applying well in advance, particularly if you need to arrange travel.

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Program Dates and Details

Before Certification Training


Professionals attend our 4-day signature workshop to reflect, repurpose, envision, & plan for a meaningful path forward that is both inspiring and actionable. LifeForward is the first step and prerequisite for Coaching Certification.


Coaching Seminar

This one-day seminar provides an overview of our holistic and developmental approach to coaching. Offered the day after our LifeForward program.


Apply to Coach Certification Program

Candidates must submit an application for entry into the program. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications before LifeForward™ and the Coaching Seminar.


I enrolled in Hudson’s Coach Certification Program as I was retiring from my long-term career as legal counsel in a professional services firm. I wanted to combine my years of experience as a leader and mentor with coaching skills and greater self-awareness that would allow me to build a new chapter in my career as an executive coach to attorneys. The 8-month experience with the coaching certification program exceeded my expectations in my acquisition of great coaching skills, the depth of learning and the powerful network of coach-leaders that Hudson provides access to and who become your friends. Hudson goes beyond training coaches – they develop leaders interested in making a difference in our world. I cannot recommend this program enough!

Margaret M. Enloe, JD, Retired Partner, Financial Services, New York City