Coaching Seminar

This half-day seminar provides an overview of our holistic and developmental approach to coaching. Offered in conjunction with our LifeForward™ program, it is a prerequisite for our Coach Certification program.

Become a Hudson Coach


Professionals attend our signature workshop to reflect, repurpose, envision, and plan for a meaningful path forward that is both inspiring and actionable. LifeForward is the first step and prerequisite for the Hudson Coach Certification program.


Apply to Coach Certification Program

Candidates must submit an application for entry into the program. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications before LifeForward™ and the Coaching Seminar.


Hudson Coach Certification

Informed by our 30+ years in coaching, Hudson's elite certification training is taught by seminal thinkers in the field and covers the latest concepts, theories, and best practices.


I came wanting to make a career shift, I left with a clear vision and plan. I feel energized to make it happen.

LifeForward™ attendee