Coaching Supervision

Supervision is a best practice for any coach dedicated to their ongoing learning and development and their client engagements. At Hudson, we’re committed to providing our coaches with a variety of vehicles for strengthening capacity through our world-class Supervision Center.

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Ideal for

Active Hudson graduates looking to deepen and strengthen their capacity as coaches


Experiential learning format with monthly group sessions and biweekly meetings


12 month program with group discussions and meetings; makes use of real coaching cases; requires additional reading and study


Increased capacity as a coach and deeper understanding of the developmental process


Our supervision places a focus on the working relationship between coach, client and the key stakeholders in the client organization as well as the dynamics of the coach, supervisor and members of the supervision group. As we attend to the multiple layers of the system at play in any coaching engagement, the coach inevitably uncovers parallels and patterns that are difficult to perceive without the support of supervision.

Supervision is an essential part of my on-going development and learning. My Hudson Coach Supervisor is outstanding at managing the process, contributing to everyone's learning and a checking to confirm our edges are being honed. The benefit of learning from the others in the group, and the sharing of ideas and materials throughout the program is very powerful. I can't personally imagine being a learning coach without being in supervision.