Professionals attend our 4-day signature experience to reflect, repurpose, envision, & plan for a meaningful path forward that is both inspiring and actionable.

Program Details
Ideal for

Professionals ready for transition and renewal; aspiring coaches preparing for certification


On-site, experiential workshop hosted in Santa Barbara, CA and New York City


4 days of full immersion; expect individual work, group discussions, micro modules, coaching, and building plans for the chapter ahead


A purposeful and holistic plan for the current or upcoming chapter in one's life


The adult journey today lasts longer and offers more complexities and possibilities than ever before and  change is a predictable part of our path.  Yet few of us have learned how to navigate transitions with ease, designing new chapters that are aligned with our sense of purpose at work and at home. LifeForward leverages our 30 years of studying the mechanisms of transition and change to create a purposeful plan for the road ahead.

Areas of Focus


Chapters & Transitions

Think of your life as a story, with many chapters and transitions. Chapters are when our lives “do” something important; transitions are when our lives “seek” renewal.


What matters most?

Our Cycle of Renewal provides a framework for understanding the circular nature of change, which you will use to assess the current phase of your life and how to proactively move forward.


Where are you going?

A vision or dream declares what is important, purposeful and valuable for your life ahead. You’ll leave LifeForward with a convincing picture of how you see your preferred future.


How will you get there?

To assure success, you’ll write a plan of action with specific steps and dates. And that’s not all you leave with, follow-up support is provided for two months after the seminar.

LifeForward is an incredibly well-honed program with seasoned coach leaders ready to facilitate a profound four-day experience focused on where we’ve been and how to deliberately craft our own paths forward.  I left feeling energized with a concrete and inspired plan that provides me with clarity both in the short term and for the rest of my life.  I also left with a new group of lifelong friends and professional connections that will be with me as I embark on whatever comes next in my career and in my personal life!

Lauren Levine, VP, HR Program Management, Warner Media Group

Did you Know


Hudson has been leading in the field of coaching since 1986.

Become a Coach

If you are interested in our 8-month Coach Certification Training you must first complete LifeForward™ and our Coaching Seminar (offered the day after each LifeForward™), as well as submitting an online application.

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