Professionals from all fields -- business, medicine, law, higher education, finance, entrepreneurial ventures and more -- attend our 4-day signature experience in order to press ‘pause’ in their busy lives and gain a broad view of how their life path; exploring how life has unfolded up until now and contemplating how they would like to consciously shift and reshape elements of life going forward.


“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
– Howard Thurman

Life brings us questions, an inevitable consequence of planned and unplanned transitions, surprising opportunities, challenges and predictable transitions. Regardless of one’s age, career path or unique circumstances, these turning points provide rare occasions to step out of life for a moment and pause to gain a new view. The most important work we too often pass by is building a chapter in life that is satisfying and meaningful.

Hudson’s LifeForward program leverages over 30 years of researching and working with professions traversing transitions and changes over the course of life. Our approach uses our core models to first examine where you are today, then explore the many facets of your life before designing a plan for the chapter ahead integrating your purpose with passions in order to build experiments and possibilities for the road ahead.


The LifeForward experience spans four days. The approach is experientially focused on examining all aspects of one’s life today and tomorrow. The program format is multi-faceted combining whole group micro-modules with small group exploration and individual experiments and reflection. Throughout the four days the work is guided by a group of master coaches with years of experience working in this domain.

The first step begins with reflective preparation in advance of the program. Participants take time to complete a personal life review, setting in motion some early contemplation prior to arrival.  

The four day experience launches by taking a sweeping look at your life — the chapters, critical turning points, and key learnings along the way. This occurs in a small group setting and sets the stage for moving into an expansive ideation phase exploring the road ahead.

The entire experience is facilitated by a group of seasoned master coaches able to support and encourage new thinking throughout the session.


The heart of the LifeForward experience focuses on going broad, exploring all elements of one’s life and engaging in some expansive ideation before getting focused on a plan. We examine values, roles, our current sense of purpose and passion, transitions and changes afoot and our vision for the road ahead.  

The approach to this portion of our time together is  multi-faceted, including micro- modules in the large group, experiential exercises, small group discussions and reflection time.

The experience culminates in building a compelling vision for the road ahead that is both clear and inspiring.  The final day focuses on developing a plan that addresses the changes you will need to calibrate in order to reach your vision for this time in your life.

This work is done in your small group led by your coach and there is ample opportunity to learn from one another to create a great plan for the chapter ahead.  Each plan centers around practices that will help participants fully step into the chapter ahead, and post-program there are two opportunities to be together in small groups facilitated by the coach-facilitators to leverage support and gain momentum.


We utilize a multi-layered integrative approach throughout our LifeForward program. During the four days there are large group sessions where everyone comes together for short topical modules led by a member of the Coach-Facilitator team. Each module is then supplemented by an experiential exercise occurring in smaller groups and allowing participants to break down the material into meaningful learnings for themselves.

Interspersed through each day are also experiences that incorporate physical activities in our beautiful outdoor setting as well as a rhythm from large group to smaller group to individual reflective time providing opportunities to learn from one another and on one’s own.

The final day includes a hand’s on planning experience that is tactile as well as tactical and allows each participant to leave the four day experience with a plan that is both inspiring and built with concrete steps!

Upcoming Programs

  • June 2023


    Virtual session hosted over Zoom

    June 20-23, 2023
    July 6, 2023 – Coaching Seminar Day ($395)

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  • August 2023 - Waitlisted


    LifeForward: In-person in Santa Barbara, CA

    August 22-25, 2023

    September 14, 2023 – Coaching Seminar Day ($395): Virtual session hosted over Zoom

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  • September 2023


    LifeForward: In-person in Santa Barbara, CA

    September 19-22, 2023

    September 28, 2023 – Coaching Seminar Day ($395): Virtual session hosted over Zoom

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  • October 2023


    Virtual session hosted over Zoom

    October 10-13, 2023
    October 16, 2023 – Coaching Seminar Day ($395)

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  • December 2023


    LifeForward: In-person in Santa Barbara, CA

    December 5-8, 2023

    December 14, 2023 – Coaching Seminar Day ($395): Virtual session hosted over Zoom

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Transfers & Cancellations
The following fees apply in addition to a $200 administrative fee.
8 Weeks from Program Date: Transfer Fee = 10% of tuition; Cancellation Fee = 25% of tuition
4 Weeks from Program Date: Transfer Fee = 25% of tuition; Cancellation Fee = 50% of tuition
2 Weeks from Program Date: Transfer Fee = 50% of tuition; Cancellation Fee = 100% of tuition

LifeForward is an incredibly well-honed program with seasoned coach leaders ready to facilitate a profound four-day experience focused on where we’ve been and how to deliberately craft our own paths forward.  I left feeling energized with a concrete and inspired plan that provides me with clarity both in the short term and for the rest of my life.  I also left with a new group of lifelong friends and professional connections that will be with me as I embark on whatever comes next in my career and in my personal life!

Lauren Levine, VP, HR Program Management, Warner Media Group

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