The Organizational Impact of Coaching

Coaching practices implemented in an organization have the power to create deep, systemic impact. Coaching improves engagement, retention, ownership, productivity, self-development and ability to manage others and lead the way.

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A successful global health care organization that partners with hospitals to provide clinical care, imaging, and other services approached Hudson to help them scale more sustainably. As one of the most profitable companies in their industry, they had been experiencing rapid growth. It was essential that the quality of their services not be compromised in the face of expansion. Hudson's Spot Coaching program was implemented as an investment in early managers to ensure a stable talent pipeline, and good execution on the front lines. The results improved employee and patient experiences, reduced turned over, and increased productivity.


Coaching has been the fastest growing component in leadership development in the last ten years. (Peter Hawkins, 2017)

We have been utilizing Hudson’s Spot Coaching for Managers program with success for several years. This approach has allowed us to strengthen just-in-time development of our people within short spirts of time.    Instead of taking more time, when our managers and leaders apply the Spot Coaching approach, they empower their people to become more accountable to do their best work in new ways. This program impacts our managers, their teams and ultimately the organization’s ability to develop, retain and empower!

Nicole Bischoff-Jones, Genentech, Hillsboro Learning Solutions

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Training with coaching improves productivity 400% more than training alone.

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