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Coaching Help - InsideCoaching - Hitting the Mark - from Hudson Institute of Coaching Hitting the Mark — InsideCoaching Posted in: InsideCoaching - HOW TO MEASURE THE IMPACT OF COACHING As companies shift away from annual performance reviews to a greater emphasis on coaching, more weight is landing squarely on the shoulders of today’s managers. They can no longer function simply as “fix-and-tell” leaders who swoop in to point out and correct issues. Instead, they have to build the coaching skills to recognize the development opportunities that pop up every day at work and know how to facilitate necessary change in the moment. The business will increasingly depend on these managers to have the kinds of effective, on-the-spot conversations that strengthen engagement, retention, ( READ MORE )
InsideCoaching Newsletter September 2016 Millennials Rising — InsideCoaching Posted in: InsideCoaching - WHY COACHING IS KEY TO ENGAGING AND RETAINING YOUR UP-AND-COMING TALENT They’re the largest segment in the workforce—and they’re the least engaged. Ever since the first Millennials entered the workforce, experts and leaders have been analyzing, scrutinizing and prognosticating about what it means for business. For all the wall-to-wall coverage of their habits, interests, and behaviors, the picture of Millennials often boils down to an oversimplified caricature: self-absorbed, entitled job hoppers who are in it for the perks. But what do Millennials really want? Before you invest in a ping pong table and bean bag chairs, let’s take a closer ( READ MORE )
Inside Coaching - Insights Into Coaching Skills that Shape Stronger Leaders So Long Annual Review — InsideCoaching Posted in: InsideCoaching - The annual performance review. It’s a process that’s universally dreaded by managers and employees alike. And there’s good reason for these strong reactions. No matter how much time and attention organizations spend on re-engineering the evaluation process, it still seems to end up a subjective, confusing and sometimes even demoralizing exercise. We recently released a new issue of InsideCoaching, our Hudson white papers that regularly cover topics critical and important for successful coaching in today's world. In this issue, we cover the annual performance review from a coaching perspective including: The evolution from top-down annual reviews to continuous management Equipping ( READ MORE )
Ask more questions, tell less A COACHING MANTRA: ASK MORE, TELL LESS Posted in: News - A great mantra for all of us as coaches and not an easy one to adopt. We see this in each CIT -- great leaders coming into the program with years of experience, finely tuned problem solving skills and an urge to move at the speed of light. These old and effective habits make the shift to more ask and less tell a daunting one for most. Yet whether a coach, a great leader, or both, there is plenty of evidence this mantra is worth adopting. Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, uncovers this feature in his research on ( READ MORE )