About Pamela McLean

Pamela McLean, PhD, is Chief Knowledge Officer and Co-Founder of The Hudson Institute of Coaching, an organization widely known as one of the leading coach training programs in the US for over 35 years, providing a full suite of coaching services inside organizations around the globe. McLean brings more than four decades of experience as a clinical psychologist, master coach, coach supervisor, and leader in the field of coaching. McLean authored The Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching (2012) examining key theories and evidenced based research informing the field; examining the essential methodology, key steps in the coaching engagement; and exploring the use of self as the most important instrument we have in our work as coaches.

McLean’s new book, Self as Coach, Self as Leader, was released by Wiley Press in late May of 2019. This book takes a close look at meta-skills required in developmental coaching allowing a coach to focuses on deeper, lasting changes for the client and all that is required to be at our very best when working with others.

McLean has also authored a popular book, LifeForward: Charting the Journey Ahead, on transition and change in our adult lives. This book utilizes Hudson’s well-known Cycle of Change and focuses on the natural cycles and ups and downs in our lives and what we can do to understand the cycles and maximize our ability to ride the waves of change with more ease. Pam has served on Harvard’s JFK Women’s Leadership Board, the faculty of Saybrook University in San Francisco, California, the Editorial Board of IJCO, and LikeMinded in San Francisco. She is a frequent key presenter on the use of self and Self As Coach: going deeper to do our best work. Pam lives in Santa Barbara, California, where she and her late husband raised three sons. Today she enjoys weekend cooking, birdwatching and traveling to new places around the globe.

About Hudson Institute

One of the early leaders in the field of coaching, Hudson Institute of Coaching has been providing developmentally based coach training for leaders for more than 35 years. We provide the complete suite of coaching services spanning the lifecycle from ‘hire to retire’. We set the standard for experiential learning programs that lead organizations and people to reach for their best as leaders and human beings in our global world.

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