Developing a Strong Leadership Pipeline at One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund has an ownership culture, which encourages staff to be autonomous decision-makers early on, while supporting them with feedback, training and development, and strong mentors. With rapid growth on the horizon, the organization knew that it has to invest in its rising leaders to move the organization forward by teaching them to grow from exceptional contributors to leaders who can have an impact at the organizational level. The most common development issues identi ed were 1) Building and communicating vision, 2) Delivery tough feedback, 3) Improving team communication, and 4) Delegation.

Empowering Staff at All Levels of TaylorMade

TaylorMade Golf Company is recognized as one of the top global brands in golf. Like most great companies, TaylorMade views their success as being closely linked to the quality of their people. In an effort to accelerate people development, several years ago they made the development of a coaching culture an important part of their strategy. The company started by hiring a handful of external coaches to provide support to the senior leadership team. At this point, TaylorMade was seeing the impact of coaching for a select group of senior staff, and the next stepwas to nd a way to extend coaching deeper into the organization, in order tomake it a company-wide practice.

Increasing Employee Engagement and Accountability at Mattel

Mattel, Inc. has a long history of innovative leadership development, and it has even adopted the slogan “An Always Learning Culture” to underline how important a learning approach is to sustaining a strong cadre of leaders in the organization. They face a common challenge – the need for more engagement and accountability in taking ownership for outcomes. Mattel realized a crucial component would be to develop a coaching mindset and basic coaching skills across the organization in order to foster full engagement, rapid learning and ongoing accountability at all levels within the organization.