The Case for Developing Internal Coaching Talent

Leadership coaching has always been a powerful way to strengthen and develop an organization. Increasingly, it’s becoming the preferred way to attract, engage and grow the talent needed to thrive in an ever-more competitive and complex business environment. And the benefits extend beyond an individual employee or performance marker.

Millennials Rising

They’re the largest segment in the workforce, and they’re the least engaged. But what do Millennials want? Flexibility, feedback, passion and purpose—and they need great coaches to help them get there.

So Long Annual Review

The traditional performance management process hasn’t delivered results. Today’s leaders are shifting toward just-in-time development, in the form of agile goal-setting and steady skill-building via coaching and continuous feedback and learning.

Hitting the Mark

As companies shift from annual reviews to on-the-spot coaching, the pressure on managers is heating up. They have to be able to translate their coaching efforts into tangible outcomes. Here’s how to measure for impact.