Virtual Learning

Hudson’s best-in-class corporate and professional programs are all available in a virtual format that allows participation from anywhere in the world.

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Virtual for Organizations

Hudson can deliver the same industry leading coaching and coach training in a format suitable to decentralized teams. We also offer flexible, work-at-your-own-pace training programs for busy teams with challenging schedules. From live, coach-led sessions to interactive, on-demand classes, Hudson’s corporate offerings can be tailored for any organization’s structure and working style.

Corporate Services

Spot Coaching™

A simple ‘in-the-moment’ coaching approach when it matters most. Spot Coaching allows managers and leaders to develop their people one conversation at a time.
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Virtual for Professionals

For the first time in the company’s history, Hudson has opened up our most prestigious professional programs to participants anywhere in the world. We are now offering LifeForward and Coach Certification Training in a purely virtual format. Participants will have the same world class faculty delivering the same industry leading curriculum through finely tuned remote sessions that capture the magic and intimacy of our in-person programs.

Professional Services

We have been utilizing Hudson’s Spot Coaching for Managers program with success for several years. This approach has allowed us to strengthen just-in-time development of our people within short spirts of time.    Instead of taking more time, when our managers and leaders apply the Spot Coaching approach, they empower their people to become more accountable to do their best work in new ways. This program impacts our managers, their teams and ultimately the organization’s ability to develop, retain and empower!

Nicole Bischoff-Jones, Genentech, Hillsboro Learning Solutions

Organizational Impact

Learn about the ways Hudson has helped businesses thrive.

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Build a Coaching Culture

Organizations transform when coaching comes from within.

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