More than just a buzzword, Spot Coaching is a practical approach for leaders to address everyday management issues. We want to say goodbye to the old habits that define poor management, and equip leaders at all levels with a brand new process—and completely new perspective—for solving performance issues and building team unity.


A good starting block for developing any leader is to reflect on their current practices employed when managing others. While working in a fast-paced environment, often leaders believe their time is best spent directing and problem solving in order to get things done; however, they miss opportunities for developing, facilitating and empowering employees to get things done themselves.

The Spot Coaching Approach provides your leaders with an easy-to-integrate framework, and overall mindset, for having coaching conversations—easily and on the spot. Shifting their tendency to always direct to finding, and taking advantage of, opportunities to coach.


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Spot Coaching addresses the need for leaders to have a practical set of coaching skills that can be implemented at the right times to help develop people at work. The process outlined is simple and practical, and when implemented yields results in team development, engagement and productivity.


The approach uses a three-part coaching methodology—Engage, Plan, Sustain.

1. Engage: Your leaders will learn how to “D.I.G.” Deeper—our proven inquiry process that reveals the real coachable issue. With D.I.G., leaders are taught how to ask the right questions in order to:

2. Plan: Change doesn’t happen overnight, we teach leaders how to build action steps with their employees that will lead to sustainable change.

3. Sustain: Leaders will learn how to support, sustain and measure the impact of their coaching.



  • We customize our programs based on who is in the room. We work with supervisors, mid-level and senior-level managers, executives, OD and HR professionals.
  • Program usually includes pre-work, an onsite one-day workshop, and an eight-week Spiraling Impact Follow-Up Series to encourage your leaders to implement three Spot Coaching Session and one Peer Connection each week—making coaching second nature to them.
  • The developmental coaching model assists leaders in aligning the behaviors and talents of employees with the objectives of your organization.
  • Will result in team members who are able to take more initiative, make better decisions and work more collaboratively.

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  • Provides you with a licensing agreement to teach Spot Coaching internally
  • Rapidly brings coaching skills to a large number of leaders across your organization
  • Gives you flexibility in delivery and reduces costs
  • Consists of one-day Spot Coaching Workshop followed by one to two days of leader training