Traditional retirement constraints are no longer the norm. Today’s valued leaders are choosing to stay in the workforce well into their 60’s or 70’s, creating new opportunities and challenges for organizations. Our LifeForward Programs provide a framework for employees facing work transitions and most often are used for those approaching retirement.








We work with each organization to create customized versions of our renowned transition-and-change seminar—LifeForward. All are programs are centered around our well-known Cycle of Renewal model and are designed to help participants develop a clearer view of the paths they have traveled in work, where they are now and how they want to move forward. We are able to help employees align their values with your organization’s values while identifying their motivating passions so they can better manage their life roles and commitments. For retiring employees, they focus on how they want to spend their time, energy and talents when work is no longer a main focus. By investing in your retirees, your organization can create an environment where valued employees seamlessly transition out of the organization. This process includes ways the retirees can transfer their knowledge to others within the organization.













Whether your leaders are transitioning to new roles within the organization, needing to rejuvenate for the road ahead, or approaching retirement, our LifeForward programs are customized to meet your needs. Programs usually include pre-work, a two- to four-day onsite and one-on-one coaching. Our coaching facilitators lead your internal groups so that your employees can:

  • Rediscover their passion and purpose for work or life beyond work
  • Align their core values with your company’s values
  • Learn how to maximize management of their roles and commitments
  • Formulate ideas for the chapters ahead in the organization
  • Craft an individualized action plan

Ready to see the impact LifeForward™ can make on your business?

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